Wira Mutiara

Wira Mutiara Bungalow

A Life in Harmony Where Everything Makes Perfect Sense


Against the verdant horizon of Sungai Long, Wira Mutiara emerges as a priceless gem amidst the grandeur of a much sought after prime residential precint in its locality. 43 exclusive bungalow units in a private and secluded enclave, this unique and exclusive residential marvel is designed to earn the highest expression of living life beautifully.

Although the true essence of this development lies in its volumoues and desirable living spaces, the quintessence of this low density, gated and guarded development, is also focused on safety and security.

It is a well planned sanctuary with top notch security and safety programme in place. Trained personnel and modern safety measures safeguard your privacy and peace of mind here.


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